SPM2013 Candidate :)

Heyyaw :D . So yeah , this is my second blog ^^ my previous blog was Mau Relaks Saja Maa :) , it's not that I've deleted it, it's still exist but I'm just doing this new blog for 2013, I don't even know why, hahaha :p . Maybe it's because my previous blog is full of old stories, hahaha. So yeah, I'll update anything here, at this blog, from now on :) Well, maybe some of you might not know me right :p ? Okay I'm Nisa Batrisyia, you can call me Neko or Bambam or even both :D . #TeamSPM2013, 17 years old, born on 4th April 1996 :) . I'm friendly okay :) So I hope you will enjoy reading all my updates, and thanks for the blogwalking ^^ hihi.

Neko Bambam ^^
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Nisa Batrisyia

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