Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Four Things l Love

         Family. Friends. Fans. Foods. Those 4F's are the four things I love the most. Well, let me talk about my family first. I have a superhero dad. I call him my Superman. My dad's name is Ab. Razak Bin Hj. Ibnihajar. He is now 56 years old. Old? Yes, but he is still quite handsome and strong enough to raise our happy family. He was the one who taught me about musics. He was once a musician during his old days. He had a band named 'The Cheekrocks'. He was the guitarist in his band. When I was only 6 years old, he had taught me how to play the guitar. He even taught me how to sing. He is the reason why I am a famous pop-star singer today. I really appreciate him so much. I love you and thanks Pa.

          Next, I have my mom. My mom's name is Mastura Binti Salleh. One word for her, perfect. My mom is so talented. Let's start from her primary school. She was the top student of all years. She was a prefect. She had received the 'Best Student' award. Well, that was only primary school. What about her secondary school? Better. She was like the hot chick that any guy would like to go out with for a date. She was a bright student. All the teachers always praised her for every single thing she did for the school. She was also active in co-curiculum and sports. Like I said, she was a perfection. She continued her studies at Cambridge University, United Kingdom. And that's where she met my dad. After they both finished their studies, their both get married. Nowadays my mom works as my costume designer. Her designs are amazing. I'm grateful to have her as my mom. I love you Ma.

          Siblings? Well I think I have the most awesome siblings ever! My elder sister is Syazwani Atiqah Binti Ab. Razak. She is the second vocalist in our band. She likes to sing since she was just a cute little girl. She was the one who used to take me to karaoke when we were both young for our training session. She is the only caring and beloved sister I have. I love her so much. Brothers? Fortunately, I have two brothers. An elder brother and a younger brother. My elder brother is Mohamad Syazwi Akram Bin Ab. Razak. Yes, he is the guitarist in our band. While my younger brother, Mohamad Arman Hakim Bin Ab. Razak is the drummer in our band. I love both of them so much too. For me, it is just so great to have your own siblings as your music band members. I am blessed.

          Enough with the family. Now let's talk about my friends. First of all I would like to tell about my so-called-sisters friends. When I was in primary school, which was SK Convent Father Barre, I had a group named GILAPopular. I was the leader of that group. Our group consisted eight members. They were Noor Nadia Bt. Noordin, Nooreen Nasuha Bt. Md. Nahar, Iffah Bt. Ismail, Hani Hanissa Bt. Hanif, Puteri Arfah Atillia Bt. Mohd Fauzi, Rachel Jean George, Nicole Ann Mathews and myself. We were all so close to each other. We acted as if we were real sisters. When we all started to attend secondary school, we went to different schools. It was sad but the best part is, we still contact each other until today. Other than the members of GILAPopular. I have Noor Syahiera Bt. Hj. Nazri and Fatin Natasha Bt. Rizal. Both of them are younger than me. Actually both of them are like my younger sisters. They both understand me really well. I really love my friends. I love my friends in MJSC of Pendang, my primary school friends, Sungai Petani's friends, and social networking friends such as in Facebook and Twitter. Well, I just really love my friends so much.

          Well, every pop-star has their own fans right? And so do I. My fans are called 'Harmonians' due to our band name is 'HARMAN'. Our band name is 'HARMAN' because it is the mix of our first letter in my family members name. Hakim-Akram-Razak-Mastura-Atiqah-Nisa, so it was then formed as 'HARMAN'. We also like to phrase our band as The Harmonious HARMAN. So that is why my fans are called the 'Harmonians'. I love my fans so much. Without them, I might not be a famous pop-star singer by now. I just want to say thankyou to all my fans for believing in me and kept on supporting myself and my band 'HARMAN'. Thankyou Harmonians! I love you!

          Lastly, the most wanted 'F' is of course, FOODS! Oh my god, I just love to eat all kinds of foods. Whenever I travel all around the world for a tour, the first thing I would ask for is, foods. Just give me anything! I guarantee you that I could finish it. Not just any kind of foods, but all kinds of foods. I am so obsessed with food until my dad calls me the 'Food Monster'. Foods are just amazing. There are many varieties of foods. When there are many varieties of foods, there are many tastes of foods. Yummy! And the best part is, even if I eat a lot of foods, I still maintain my size and body weight. It is just so great and cool for me.

          So there you have it, four things I love the most are of course my 4'F's. "Family, Friends, Fans and Foods". I am grateful to God for blessing my life with everything especially for my fantastic 4'F's. Oh yeah, before I could forget anything. Let me introduce myself, well yeah I am the famous pop-star singer, Nisa Batrisyia Binti Ab. Razak.

*Thanks for reading, well actually this is my essay that I wrote during my Pre-Trial MARA SPM 2013 English paper. The question I chose was : Four things you love the most . Alhamdulillah, I got 45 out of 50 marks for this essay. Again, thanks for reading :)*